This intensive course will expose you to the numerous qualities of lighting and design. The modules cover major aspects of design which will enable you to understand the powerful tool of light. From daylight to artificial light, you will be introduced to the various techniques and trends to utilize lighting in your design, or simply to fulfill your passion. The course includes multiple practical exercises and hands-on experience to appreciate the characteristics and parameters of light. Learn from the experts and allow yourself to see the light as a professional.


  • Participants will be introduced to the main characteristics of light.
  • They will understand how we perceive light and it’s impact on our well-being.
  • The course will cover the main technical characteristics and terminologies in lighting.
  • Participants will be immersed in the design process and understand the different stages of lighting in various projects types.
  • Explanation of environmental impact and measures for sustainable and energy efficient design.
  • They will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge of lighting providing them with a unique tool developed from best practice and collective experience from international lighting specialists and educational institutes.
  • Exposure to the lighting equipment and their availability and cost in the region.
  • Participants will be able to evaluate the quality of light and lighting equipment from a technical and design perspectives.
  • Earn a certificate recognized by the industry


  • Module 01: Evolution of Light
  • Module 02: Daylight
  • Module 03: Human Perception
  • Module 04: Lamps, Luminaires & Design Considerations
  • Module 05: Light, Color & Materials
  • Module 06: Lighting Control Systems & Smart Solutions
  • Module 07: Light & Research
  • Module 08: Lighting Techniques & Innovations
  • Module 09: Lighting Standards & Sustainable Design
  • Module 10: Design Strategies
  • Module 11: Lighting Calculations
  • Module 12: Integration into BIM
  • Module 13: Lighting Simulations
  • Module 14: Bidding & Procurement
  • Module 15: From Design to Reality
  • Module 16: Design Appraisals & Case studies


  • This course doesn't require specific skills or knowledge in lighting
  • Candidates should come ready to engage themselves fully in an exciting & demonstrative training on lighting design techniques


  • This in-depth course is appropriate for any level of lighting knowledge
  • This course is for anyone who wants in-depth information on light & lighting design and how to appreciate the quality of light in a space
  • This course could also be a great choice for anyone who is new to lighting design field and would like more in-depth information on lighting techniques and trends


  • 28 & 29 April 2018
  • ERCO Showroom | Dubai, UAE

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