Mission & Vision

The Lighting Institute is a first for the region; an Association, a Community and a Voice for everything pertinent to quality lighting and quality lighting design.

TLI aims to raise the awareness and maturity of the MENA region by connecting the lighting community, clients and legislators together enabling an improved and healthier profession for all.

To study market demands, address critical issues in the region, develop databases of potential job candidates, vacancies and research and for the first time offer a comprehensive suite of high quality education courses available to all.

TLI’s Intensive courses (over 1−4 days), are offered in multiple languages (English, Arabic, Hindi), with flexible mentors, accommodating preferred locations and available to both firms and individuals. Today TLI offers 10 lighting design courses and 4 additional courses on specific lighting software.

TLI is already gathering the growing support of key individuals and groups worldwide whom are recognized pioneers in lighting. These together with top lighting education institutes from the UK, Germany and Denmark form TLI’s esteemed Academic and Design advisory board.

The Institute aims to reach out to the entire spectrum of target audience needing to hear the voice of the lighting community, creating and supporting major regional lighting events such as Light Middle East, inviting key international experts and fueling constant lighting evolution for the Middle East.

It all starts with our website!

Why are we special?

We all share passion towards what we do in one way or another. We want to have the broadest spectrum of knowledge in all fields but not all of us have the luxury of time, high expenses or adapting to new environments.

The Lighting institute offers the future of education in the specialized field of lighting, and here is how:

The first & only lighting community in the MENA region to provide professional and hands-on high-quality education in lighting for professionals and students.
We collaborate with the best in the field on both academic and professional levels.
You will get a certificate which is recognized by key international lighting experts & practices.
The accreditation is renewable annually to ensure constant development of the individuals.
Multiple assessors evaluate the quality of the content of each course.
Our courses are affordable.
Our team will conduct the course at your location or nearest convenient facility.
Courses will be conducted by highly qualified tutors varying depending on the specialized topic.
We make sure we deliver all the contents you need for your professional development and personal passion.
We connect you to the professional world of lighting through our online portals. Members can apply for jobs or post for employment offers.
Members will also have access to distinguished lighting publications & papers from around the world.

Your first step to the professional Lighting World

1. Visit our website www.thelightinginstitute.com
2. Select one of our 14 standard courses or request for a tailored course.
3. Choose to enroll in an upcoming course or request for a private course if you are a firm/group.
4. Enter your name & email address.
5. TLI representative will contact you to confirm your request and coordinated the necessary details.
6. You will receive a confirmation on the date and content of your selected course.
7. Become a lighting professional